Question Best GPU for 970A-DS3P...more info in thread.


Sep 16, 2018
So I have a 970A-DS3P Rev2.0
At this current time I'm just not ready to start building a Ryzen system.
What would be the best card that I can use on this mobo that can also be transferred to my Ryzen build when I get around to it?

I would love to have actual answers to the question and not people telling me to just wait and save up until the build. I also don't need a cray setup as I only play a small handful of games but looking to get optimal performance on this current build until the next. I have checked the pc part picker lists and its somewhat confusing. I'm seeing RTX cards on there as compatible, but when I add it to the build it says its not compatible. It doesn't make sense.
I just want to know the best card before it bottle necks.
The most graphic heavy game I play is ARK.
Some others are - 7 Days to Die
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy
& Those "Tycoon" type games.
My current system is:
Mobo - 970A-DS3P Rev2.0
CPU - FX8350 OC'd to 4.2 w/ThermalTake Liquid Cooling.
PSU - TT Toughpower 750 Gold
RAM - 16G Kingston HyperX Genesis 1600 CL9
Current GPU - Asrock Phantom Gaming D Radeon RX570 4GB 256Bit GDDR5
Case - Phanteks Enthoo Pro M
All games are loaded from an SSD.

Thanks for any help!