Question Best GPU for around £300


Feb 14, 2013
Hello I am looking for a GPU to purchase as I'm currently using my very old GTX260 as my Sapphire AMD 7870XT finally died after 7 years. At first I was looking at the 1060 Super as it was cheap and good but then was also thinking about just getting the RTX 2060.

The price difference is about £100
1060super will cost around £220
1660ti being around £270
2060 is around £320

Current setup: i5-3570k, 16gb DDR3, 256gb SATA, 550-650w PSU, 24" 1080p monitor and just basic gaming keyboard, mouse.

Upgrading CPU to AMD Ryzen 2000 series or 3000 series (2700x? 3700x?), 16gb DDR4?, 650-750w PSU, 27-32" 1440p 144hz monitor and other gaming essentials etc.

I was hoping to save as much money as I can for now but is it worth buying the 2060 now or should I buy the 1060 super and leave it at that? I don't game currently as I just don't have the PC for it. All I really do is watch YouTube, browse the internet and stuff but I will be building a new PC in the future in around a years time when I get the money to and then start gaming again.

Any advice or websites to purchase each card the cheapest is much appreciated, will have to be a UK site.

Thanks, Janny.
Best thing to do right now would be to get a cheap GPU that just does the job, in fact since you have an Intel CPU you could just use the integrated graphics since you just watch Youtube, and then buy a GPU when Nvidia's 3000 series launches, apparently those have much better Ray Tracing capabilities, with the RTX 3060 having similar RT capabilities as an RTX 2080 Ti. So I'd wait for those to launch at this point, buying an RTX 2060 might not be a good choice right now with that information in mind. If you don't game right now, you don't need to buy a mid-range GPU right now.