Question Best GPU for Q9650

Oct 15, 2019
Hello, im planning to upgrade my pc with new graphic card so i would like to hear your suggestions.
My components:
GPU: GeForce GTS 450 1gb
Q9650 (not planning to overclock)
Mainboard Pegatron 2A94h
My resolution is 1980x1080
I was calculating bottleneck and i have result of 100% bottleneck by graphic card. Was thinking about GTX 1050ti but im not sure will it work well.


Can't really trust bottleneck calculators, they are mostly gibberish.

Depends on what you are trying to run and the settings. You can certainly make use of a faster GPU.

I caution going as new as the 10 series, they may require a more recent UEFI BIOS that you certainly don't have. Something like an RX560 would be safer, or something from Nvidia's 900 series.
I think a GTX 1050Ti might even be more than your CPU can drive. Something like a GTX 950 would be as much as you'd really want to put in there. So, that puts you in the same performance band as the Radeon R9 270, GTX 760, or Radeon RX 460/560. Anything more would be a waste of money because you're going to run into more and more cases where the CPU will be pumping out everything it has to give and the GPU will be underutilized. Generally you want that reversed. You want the GPU maxed out and the CPU to have resources to spare.