Best GPU Under $100

  • 9800 GT (1GB DDR3) for $60 after MIR

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  • GT 430 (2GB DDR3) for $30 after MIR

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  • Radeon 6670 (1GB GDDR5) for $60 after MIR

    Votes: 9 64.3%
  • GT 640 (1GB DDR3) for $65 after MIR

    Votes: 5 35.7%

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Mar 25, 2012
I pulled it down to these four cards.
Which will give the best performance for the $?
Buying one of these today

Will be upgrading GPU down the road, figure 6 months.
Having an NVidia card would benefit with the fact that it could be used as dedicated PhysX later.

(And I know the 6670 looks like the obvious choice, but I want feedback)

even the 7750 has gddr5 memory and performs better than the 6670. don't misguide posts

jaideep said "out of the cards above I would get the 6670 because of the GDDR5 memory" so that doesn't imply the 7750 doesn't use GDDR5.



one is refurb...

and the 6770 (5770) need a adequite PSU, but yeah they are cheap and quite powerfull for it's price.... :D



Aug 21, 2010

Nothing wrong with buying refurb, great way to save money. Also a 6770 will run on a 300w psu and a 6850 will run on a 400w psu.
Well it's up to the OP really if they want to buy used. And a lot of companies won't allow the warranty to be transferred to a new owner. And GTX660 is a great card for the price, but it appears to be over what OP is willing to spend so it's a bad recommendation... so for the same reason, those two $100 cards aren't really much of a recommendation either.

EDIT: Just noticed title of under $100 :) You could get a 7750 for below $100, so I'll +1 that recommendation. I'd personally avoid Sapphire though due to a history of bad experiences with them (I've owned three and all three died) but I maybe just had bad luck. They'd probably last at least until your proper upgrade. Also I've got an XFX at the mo and it's not great (fan is faulty).