Best graphic card for me?


Sep 8, 2009
I'm planing to buy a new XFX 9800 graphic card and of course a new PSU too.

BTW my system is
Intel E6750 - Core2Duo 2.67GHz, 1333Mhz, 4M cache.
MSI P35 Neo Motherboard
2x2GB 800MHz ram

Is this graphic card too much for my system?
if so for waht sould i move?
is there any better graphic card cost not morathan $100 ??(no matter Geforce or Radeon).

Thanx in advance.
No, your system is powerful enough to handle any current GPU.
If you want to make it even better, give you CPU an overclock.

The 9800GT is a decent card but you would be much better off with a 4850 for $85.
It will give you a healthy boost in performance (about the same as a nVidia 9800GTX+/GTS 250) and costs less.
Personally, I hate MSI and would never buy anything designed by them.
That being said, it looks like both of these cards use the ATI reference design but with aftermarket cooling.

I would have to lean towards the MSI in this, and only this, case.
It has a longer warranty, lower price (after MIR) and is factory overclocked a whole 15Mhz (woo).
Which ever you chose will work great for you.