Best graphic card for my setup

To start with, your PSU is fine for any of the newer GTX cards.....if you were to get an AMD Vega GPU then it might be tight.

You didn't list your old card and whether you wanted an upgrade of something similar. I'll assume for now that you're playing modern games at 1080p on a 60Hz monitor, if so then a GTX 1060 6GB is all you really need. If you were to find a good deal on the 1070, then it might be worth considering, but for 1080p gaming and with a 4th gen i5, it's almost too much.....if you're using 1440p, then most definitely look at the 1070 or even 1070Ti. And no, there really isn't anything else worth considering, the Vega 56 costs too much for it's performance.


Oct 5, 2017
Thank you guys also im considering the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW ULTRA SILENT GAMING and maybe to get a AOC - Q2778VQE 27.0" 2560x1440 60Hz Monitor 1ms to go with it.
What is bothering me now is wither i even need to change my Cpu
It's hardly worth changing your CPU, the best you can use on your motherboard would be an i7 4770K or 4790K and for gaming there is very little performance increase over your i5 4670K if you overclock it. Any other upgrade will require a new motherboard and RAM too.