[SOLVED] Best Graphic setting for RDR2


Feb 17, 2020
Hey guys how you doing!?
So i just bought this game but the graphic settings are bothering me so bad
There's some points!
My gpu is 1060 6gb but when im playing this game just 3gb is used!
16 gb ram and core i3 9100f is used in almost half amount too!
there's the problems!
However the parts can process more but when im playing the game i can't reach to to 60 fps! 52 55 usually and less!
Obviously some textures aren't be loaded
And it's so disgusting the graphic is seemed like games ten years ago that i could run with gt 610! (ofcourse that the texture and other graphic settings are at least medium or high ''more of them are high tho'')
I don't know what should i do to make game less blurry while motion blur is off!
(seriously in the gta v i had the same problem what should i do to make it true?! I dont like when the far distances seem blurry!)
And if u know some more crucial points
I'd be glad to hear that!