Question Best graphics card for £150 (cannot use 6/8 pin external power connector)


May 8, 2017
My dad's graphics card has seemed to given up the ghost, no fans spinning and no output. A spare lower spec card (mine) has filled the PCI-e slot given temporary service but he want to replace.

Issue is finding a mid-spec/price card that doesn't require a 6/8 pin power connector that his PSU doesn't have (75w max from the PCI-e slot).

I've seen this card, reviews across cards can differ and really not sure what is best.

He had a Radeon of some sort (chunky thing with two fans, forgot to note the model) that has failed with 4GB and 1200Mhz ish clock speed and obviously wants something similar or better although he was happy with the performance/system setup that card gave.

Something around £150 with at least 4GB VRAM and higher than 1200Mhz clock speed id anyone can provide real world experiences or regularly buys such hardware.

I will be pushing him to consider upgrading his AMD A8 7600 8GB setup at some point.

Math Geek

a 1650 or a 1050ti is about the best you will find right now that needs no extra power.

but look close cause some models do have a 6-pin connection. at such low power usage, cooling is no big deal really. you're not gonna oc the card either on 75w, so no reason to consider that in the purchase. basically find a good price that is in stock and go for it.

nothing special aabout any of the cards to make it worth wasting days over.