Best graphics card for $150?


Mar 10, 2014
im looking for a graphics card that can play BF4 on medium to high settings (i dont care about AA, VSync, FXAA, or any of that), and get above 60fps consistantly. i want to stream DayZ (Mod and Standalone) at atleast 30fps, and my quad core AMD processor should be enough for that, the only problem is my graphics card is a GT610 and i only got it as a placeholder until i could buy a new one. i looked at the GTX 750Ti 2gb and it looks PERFECT but im just short on money and i cant get the rest of the money for it. should i just get the GTX 750 1gb? how much performance would i lose? i hear AMD GPUs have a shorter lifespan and arent great for livestreaming so i dont think i want one of those. also, i have a bit of a problem when it comes to power (which is why i like the 750(Ti) so much because it doesnt rely on external power from the power supply. i have the available 2x4 pin connectors for the adapter to plug into for me to power up a 6pin graphics card, only problem is to free up the 2 power connectors i need to disconnect my case fan and the LED in the front of my computer. the LED is no big deal but my computer would probably get toasty without the case fan. i keep my side panel off a lot of the time anyway so i mean idk if its a hueg deal to disconnect the case fan. anyways, thanks in advance to any replies/solutions


Oct 17, 2013
If you can, get this one.
If you can't get this one.


Feb 10, 2011
I have a 750Ti, it's a wonderful card for its value, I don't suggest settling with the 750 1GB.

Or if you're patient, wait for the R7 265 and grab it as soon as it launches before retailers jack the prices up on it.