Best hard drive for Raid 0

twisted politiks

Dec 3, 2008
Hey forums, im going to purchase two new hdd's as soon as my next paycheck comes in. after checking the charts from newegg, ive decided to go with Seagate's new 7200.12 hdd's. i am, however, stuck after this due to the cache and storage size difference. ive narrowed it down to 3 different ones, due to price.

here they are:

two of them both have 8mb of cache, and one has 16mb of cache. im familiar with cache on a desktop overall, but not so much with hdd, unless it serves exactly the same purpose. my question to you is wich of these three would be the best choice for a Raid 0 setup, excluding the MB to $1 ratio, as size is not important due to the fact that i have a secondary hdd setup for all of my storage needs.

thanks in advance :D


Jul 10, 2009
The important differences between those drives are the capacities: 160 / 250 / 320GB. The reason the latter one has more cache is because it has a higher capacity. Other factors being equal, the difference in cache sizes isn't going to make any significant different in performance.

Make your decision based on how much storage you need, not on how large the cache is.

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