Best heatsink + fan combo for the i7 920


Jan 13, 2009
I need a heatsink + fan combo for the i7 920 in a HAF 932, i wanna know the best heatsink + fan combo, as in best cooling

I also heard you can mount two fans on a heatsink, is it true? i thought u can only mount one...
Do you plan on high overclock on your I7, and how much do you want to spend. The reason I say this is for a mild oc, there may only be a few degrees diff between a good HSF and the Best, but the "Best" may be considerably more expensive.

Yes there are some that use two fans in a push-pull configuration

Check out the HSF "roundups" or evals and or comparision charts.
You can also check newegg to see what seams to be the most popular, read reviews - just take with a grain of salt.


Sep 14, 2005
I can vouch for the Noctua that RetiredChief pointed to. If OC'ing, it holds its own with everything ATM except the thermalright IXF-14... And that sucker is huge, probably very expensive as well as it comes with no included bracket or fans. The Noctua has everything included including two of some of the quitest fans out there.

Running 8 prime95 sessions, on mine, I get a 4c temp rise measured on realtemp.

Also note that a push/pull fan may not add much, if any cooling.

retired-chief had some good advice. No need to go crazy on cooler unless you are looking for record overclocks.

Add to your list of good coolers the Xigmatek S1283V dark night: