Best HSF for media PC build


Jul 20, 2008
Hello all of Toms!!!!

I have been around the forums posting replies and giving what advise and insight I can when now its time for me to ask my FIRST question as a Post.

I am building myself a HTPC / Media PC and I need to find the best CPU HSF for my buck. I have done lots of research, but until I get things in my hands, I cant really judge as this is my first HTPC / Media build. I have a Zalman 9600A in my desktop, and I know that will never fit. I would prefer something that will both cool well and give me some working space incase i need to get back in there to work on something.

I am using this case

With this motherboard

I will be putting a AMD X2 5000+ BE (with the hopes of some overclocking)
and using 2Gb OCZ platinum DDR2-800.

I appreciate any and all help/suggestions for this simple problem.