Jan 2, 2008
I am looking for the best cooling option for my new build.

AMD PhenomII 720BE (unlocked 4th core)
Biostar 790GX 128m mobo
G skill ddr2 800 2X2gb
Vista ultimate
WD 320 gb 7200 HDD
HIS 4850 512 meg video card
Antec EA500 500 watt PSU

This all sits in an old Chietec full tower that has been reduced down 6 inches (modded, window, etc...)

I would like to find a HSF that directs airflow towards the rear exhaust fan and out the back
Does anyone make a really good one?

^5 +1 what jtt283 said

Frosty Tech is a pretty good site for information about cpu heatsinks. Their top lists are updated frequently.

I have the Thermalright Ultra 120 cpu heatsink. It was one of the original tower style heatsinks with a great design. Results are outstanding. It's is still rated as the Number One heatsink for AMD cpu's. The new version is called the Ultra 120 Extreme. The new version has six copper heat pipes instead of four. There are several variations, including an all black model.