Question Best hub/docking station for switching monitor between gaming PC and work laptop?


Feb 24, 2020
Hi there.

I've been working from home since the start of the pandemic and have been using a work laptop. I use the monitor that I use with my gaming PC as a second screen and every morning have been switching HDMI cables around to switch my monitor between my PC and my laptop. Problem is I've recently bought a new PC and a new monitor, and out of concern for my HDMI port and to make life easier I no longer want to have to mess around with wires every morning and evening.

I don't want to use my mouse or keyboard with my work laptop as I don't mind using the laptop keyboard and have been connecting the mouse from my old PC directly into the laptop. Before I got my new PC, my old PC and work laptop were sharing the same mouse as well. With a new mouse, it's really just the monitor now that I want to switch seamlessly but have no clue what I'm actually looking for. I'm also thinking of hooking up my old monitor at some point to use as a second screen with my new PC, which I may also use for work as a third screen, but due to desk space this is something I'll probably do further down the line.

I've had a look at HDMI splitters, KVM switches, hubs and docking stations, but I'm unsure which would be best for my situation. HDMI splitters seem the way to go but I'm a little unsure if having the HDMI cable connecting my monitor and my PC going through a splitter will impact performance as opposed to having it connected directly from the monitor to the graphics card. I'm also not sure which brands or types are better.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.