Best lap to host servers

What is "affordable" to you? Why would you use a laptop anyway as a server? The RAM is limited, the drive speeds are limited, nothing is really upgradable or easy to replace, it has a ton of useless features to a server (portability, battery, screen, connection doohikies, etc...).

Affordable is relative. Need an actual amount, some people think $300 for a laptop is a lot, when I think affordable laptop, it's about $600. And it now seems you are not actually using it to run a server on, but to trouble-shoot servers, is that correct? Or are you looking for a laptop that will be used as a server?

Dependable, Lenovo ThinkPads are very solid, and they tend to have good sales for models about to be retired, check on their web site. Keep in mind that their mainstream like, IdeaPad I think it's called, are not quite in the same class as the ThinkPads. The construction and hinges are a bit cheaper made.

I don't know what other brands are in line with the ThinkPads, truthfully after working on many brands, the ThinkPads have the most solid construction out of all of them. Aside from the MACs which are basically a carved billet of aluminum hehe.