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Jun 26, 2015
I wanted to ask the community for any laptop recommendations. Here is what I'm looking for: AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  • Thin and light
  • Powerful, intel 10th gen CPU with Iris graphics
  • Long Battery Life, 10 hours or more
  • Touch screen
  • Good keyboard. It's especially important to have a long space to put my hands on while I type without feeling the edge of the computer cutting through my palms or wrists.
  • Bright display (400 nits minimum) with small vessels
  • Above-average speakers, I don't need mac level speakers but I need them to be decent so I don't have to put on headphones every single time for conference calls.
  • 2-1 isn't required but I'd like the flexibility to take notes.
  • Ideally, it would have at least 1 type USB Type-A to avoid using stupid dongles
Overview if you don't want to read the breakdown per brand:
  • Thoughts about the Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 8 and Yoga C940 14inch even though their speakers are bad and they don't have the more efficient Iris graphics? Are they releasing any new models or CPU updates that I should hold on for?
  • Thoughts about the HP Spectre & Dragonfly? How is HP's customer service and how is their keyboard compared to the competition?
  • HP Dragonfly seems to be one of the best options... Any idea of when the G2 refresh is supposed to be released? Thoughts about the first generation for those that have it?
  • Any other recommendations I should consider?
  • With the Tiger Lake CPU's coming along in the second half of the year is it worth waiting or not?
Macbooks: I hate macOS, they didn't upgrade to s 14 inch and the fact that they don't offer a touchscreen is frustrating. Excel in Mac is also absolutely horrible as well.
Dell XPS line up: Their 2-1 have is quite a bit worse than the normal more traditional one. I tried a normal XPS 13 3 years ago and ended up returning it after 1 week for the quality control problems and horrible malware that came out of the box that was impossible to uninstall without deleting windows. Does anybody have any experience with the new ones? Thoughts?
Razer (Stealth): Hate the brand after owning a razer blade that didn't last more than 2 years and their customer service is one of the worse in the industry. Touchscreen only available in 4k and why do you need a 4k in a 14-inch display aside from killing your battery?
Lenovo (X1 carbon Gen 8 & Yoga C940): I hate the nipple cursor thing in the middle of Lenovo, speakers aren't the best, the camera is HORRIBLE for video calls, doesn't have Iris graphics and vessels could be smaller but they seem to get the job done. Anybody had any experience with the newest models?
Microsoft (Surface lineup - has HUGE vessels): Surface laptop isn't a 2-1 and has the old CPU. The Book 3 is chunky, not very powerful and the whole unclip your display thing has no use for me. I have a surface 5 and I'm never getting another one in my life because the hinge broke and it's very uncomfortable and the battery doesn't last enough among other issues.
HP (Spectre & Dragonfly): Both of these options seem to be the best ones out of all the competition, but I have concerns about HP's customer service and their keyboard reliability anybody had any experience with either of these devices? The Spectre seems to be a bit too small for typing and the Dragonfly has the old 8th gen CPU, any idea when the refresh Dragonfly G2 is coming out?

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Aug 21, 2015
Everyone has their own opinion, Personally I've always liked Dell's.
They still sell let's say "normal laptops" in their XPS lineup.
I've always found Dell laptops to be well made and built to last.