Best laptop belpw 50000

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Jul 18, 2012
i want to buy laptop for my office needs as well as entertainment purpose . my budget is upto 45000/- indian rupees .i want laptop with good sound & video quality , minimum 3rd generation i5 processor or better ,500GB or more hard disk,4gb or more memory .i am confused to choose which graphic among intel or amd or nvidia .please help me


Jul 31, 2012
Since you posted this in the Dell section of the forums, i'm guessing you want to find a Dell laptop? I would check out the Dell Latitude or Precision series of laptops. They are business class, but they are built better and come with better support than the consumer level of Dell like the Inspiron, Vostro, or XPS.
The Dell Latitude series has motherboard problems. The Nvidia chips were defective and initially Dell didn't acknowledge the defect in the laptops. We had one Latitude where we took the initiative and had the motherboard replaced by a private party for $200. Dell was aware of this problem.

Currently I have a Dell Latitude D630 which had the motherboard replaced in April 2011. Last week, the replaced motherboard failed. I don't know whether Dell is going to acknowledge these defects and replace the motherboard a second time.

More detailed info:

This is why I am gun shy and will not recommend Dell until their products are performing well.

The OP is in India and as a general rule, service in India must be checked out carefully before purchasing products.
Yes, it will serve you well, and the support in India is ok. Hope you don't need support.

If you have general computer questions, come here to Tom's and one of us will help you.

Last but not least, remember to perform regular and frequent backups of all your computers. Use Windows Backup in Control Panel and save to an external hard disk.

Good luck!
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