Best laptops for video editing in 2023?

Mar 21, 2023
What are the best laptops for video editing in 2023 and why? These days I am planning to buy a new laptop, I will mainly use it for video editing, so I am interested in your recommendation.
That's a rather broad question. It would help if you could narrow the field with more details.

  • What is your price range (in what currency if not USD)
  • Do you have a preferred screen size?

In general for editing you'll just want a more powerful machine. If material is to be stored locally you'll need a higher storage volume. Things like this push the purchase into higher (more expensive) tiers of laptop.
OK. Are there any other particular requirements or preferences? Referring to the storage comment earlier, will you rely on external drives or should internal capacity be a more important consideration? Do you have an idea of what software titles will be used?
Many high powered laptops are sold as gaming laptops. They'll have a discrete graphics processor to go with higher end CPU and more RAM. These graphics cards are tuned for gaming; there are graphics cards tuned for editing and other professional tasks but those are even more expensive; I couldn't find a laptop with such a pro card (Nvidia Quatro series for example) under $2k. This is where details about the software and more exact usage details would help. If a consumer/gaming card will do, there are machines like