Best match for Gaming mid-tier gaming computers

Feb 2, 2019
My current computer has an i5 7600k paired with a 1050 ti that I built maybe a year and a half ago (?) and I recently got a great deal on an Optiplex 9020 with an i7 4770 (non-k I think). I'm planning on upgrading to an RX 580 and giving the 1050 ti system to a friend. I'm more just looking for confirmation that it makes the most sense to pair the Optiplex with the 1050 ti since I'm kind of a noob when it comes to computers and I'd like to keep the more powerful system haha. I just have a bit of confusion as it seems common for the 4770 to be paired with a 1070/1080 but less common for those cards to go with an i5 7600k.

TL;DR Between 2 systems what combo makes the most sense between an i5 7600k, i7 4770, RX 580 and a 1050 ti, while giving my personal machine the most power?

All other specs of the systems are comparable but would one system have enough of a significant performance difference to look past upgradeability?


That makes no since at all what you are planning on doing.

Going to a slower CPU that is not Overclockable and 3 generations older than the i5 7600K.

The 7600K with the RX 580 makes the most since and would be the faster machine.