Best matte pineview netbook?


Aug 4, 2011
Hi folks :)

My HP mini, which had problems straight out of the box that HP techs were never able to solve, has finally died its last death.

I would LOVE to hear your suggestions for a replacement :).


- Nearly 100% outdoors, in full sun. Stick-on glare reducers are insufficient. A matte screen is my top priority.

- Most usage will be online, running Firefox with several hundred tabs open at a time, mostly text, few graphics. No, I am not joking :). The HP's single-core processor was insufficient; I want dual-core, this time around.

- No gaming or spreadsheets. Some music and video, from hard drive. I am not concerned about HD space. Whatever it's shipped with will be enough.

- Yes, I will drop it sometimes.

- Due to outdoor usage in high temperatures, I need a quiet fan and cool-running processor. Sadly, the HP was great for that. However, i am not willing to consider another HP.

- A manufacturer with good tech support would be nice...

Thank you so much for your advice!!