Best Memory DIMM Configuration on a ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe MB?


Feb 5, 2007

I have a A7N8X-E Deluxe MB and just purchased a new 1G stick of Kingston HyperX DDR400 memory to add to my existing 2 512M sticks of Kingston HyperX DDR400 (a matched kit).

I am wondering which DIMM socket I should place the new 1G stick into for best results.

Currently the 512's are located in sockets A1 and B1 to run in Dual Channel mode.

Should I put the 1G in A1 and the two 512's in B1 and A2 or leave the 512's in A1 and B1 and put the new 1G in the A2 position?

Thanks for the guidance,

I would put the biggest memory in the first slot and run the rest of the memory in A2 and B1.
See page 2-9 of the manual for an illustration.
From the Kingston Web Site:

Although this motherboard specifies DDR400 compatibility, Kingston only supports it with DDR266 and DDR333.
Just put it in the open slot cross your fingers and hold your breath, if your modules are all the same CAS Latency you shouldn't have any problems other than a slight hair pulling timing issue.

Your best performance bet would have been to have gone with 2 1g matched modules to replace the 2 512s, my ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe never has liked populating the third memory slot, IMO they should have left it off the M/B, but maybe with the Kingston RAM it will work for you, I'm using Corsair.