Best mice for FPS gaming?


Sep 8, 2009
I'm looking for a new mouse to replace my MX518. I'm mostly into FPS/RTS games. I'm looking for a mouse that has the best sensor atm and NO ACCELERATION.

I'm currently looking into the Razer Deathadder 2013 version. Or possibly a Zowie mouse. But are there any other mice that are great for competitive shooters?

Any mouse suggestions would be great!

Thanks :D



I prefer Deathadder because of its shape and size. I have large hands and Razer could be even a little longer. Depending on your budget I would recommend either Deathadder or Roccat Kone (+, pure, xtd). Probably the best mouse I have ever used.
they do have acceleration but unlike most gaming mice it can be turned off fully. most will only let you turn it down and some will even make it negative. razer mice are prone to this negative acceleration (this limits the speed at which your mouse tracks regardless of how fast you move it)any mouse listed as having up to (some number) of acceleration has acceleration options which is most gaming mice...
as for the sensor issue on cyborg rats its not as bad as some make out on the new models with the improved sensor. i have a rat 7 contagion and the liftoff isnt at all noticeable in games. yes it still moves down and right but less than 1 cm on screen, which is no different to most any other high dpi mouse. i have had it nearly a year and have had zero issues with it 1s i got it replaced as the forst 1 was faulty.
but even with that said it is the best mouse i have used since the logitech g5 which my bro in law now has and that mouse is still going strong.
the deathadder is pretty much junk since the upgrade. so only buy that if its an original which your very unlikely to find.
zowie am mice are very basic mice and that works in there favor. no bells and whistles means what you get for the money is quality. they really are in a class above there price bracket when it comes to accuracy.

If you like your mx518, you should like the G400. It is a refresh of the mx518. With the same shape and key placement, its has an improved sensor and polling rate.


Nov 6, 2011

Give it a try! Actually my friend has a Deathadder and this one feels better IMO(maybe I'm just not used to it).