Question Best Mini UPS for ZBOX QK7P3000


Dec 30, 2012
Hi, i purchased a ZBOX QK7P3000 computer this weekend and i was wondering if i can convert this into a handheld gaming PC. I know how to do it. All i need is a mini portable and compatible UPS with a efficient battery able to charge within 4-10 hours and able to run on power save mode for at least 6-7 hours and high performance mode for at least 2-4 hours of gaming on high or ultra settings like battlefield 4 ultra settings.

There was a project on reddit using the voyo however that uses the intel cherry tail cpu which is low powered and not i7 cpu to achive this. I however which to try it on this mac mini or the ZBOX QK7P3000 - thats my main goal.

So someone please direct me to a decent website and my budget is around $1000 - 2000.00 AUD for the UPS. I needs to fit inside the case and MUST be fanless or if the fan is required it must have a compact mini NOT too large fan to keep the UPS cool.

I want a flip screen and wire it to the HDMI port so i don't want anything too chunky. THE UPS should fit inside nicely and not make noise. I dont mind the charge time but the duration of battery during system performance and balanced mode should last at least 5-6 hours and high performance at least 4-5 hours. I have seen some people do this like GPD win max employs battery but i dont know were to get such a sleek battery from.

Does any know were i can get a battery for this pc: ZBOX QK7P3000 so i can charge it using the supplied PSU or power cable and play like 3-4 hours of it in the plane or a trip to queensland.