Question Best Mobo for i5-6600k plus future expansion

Apr 30, 2019
Fellas, I’ve had enough of Xbox’s bullshit for a while now, and this build has been slowly burning for a long time. I’ve had an i5-6600k and GTX 1060-3GB that I got basically for free about 2 years ago. I understand they’re dated, but the free-ness is the center of this build.

I’ve purchased a Corsair MP510 960GB M.2 hard drive, 2x16 DDR4 (3000), Corsair RM850x, and an Acer 2560x1440/144Hz monitor.

I purchased beefier stuff to support growth later on. The key is the motherboard; need it to support the old 6th gen stuff as well as newer, but I am struggling hard. I’m open to any and all suggestions, aside from “get a new GCU and processor.” This is my first build and I’m also pretty dumb.
The issue with 6th gen the only upgrade path would be a 7th gen which wont be that big of an upgrade and unless used CPU prices fall drastically not worth the investment.. If you can honestly I would sell the CPU and look to buy a a new Intel mobo/cpu or go Ryzen.