Best mobo for under £200 for gaming


May 10, 2011
hello all,

iam planning a new build pc mainly for gaming.

my budgit for upto £200 for mother board + cpu + ram

i have found this mobo for £211 just over my budget

i have used pc for over 10 years but never made a pc only changed the ram on a pc. now iam wanting to leave my xbox 360 for a gaming pc.

i have read alot of forums about cpu sockets / ram speeds / mother board very confident on being able to build a pc

if anyone has a mobo better for gaming than the one i have found please let me no

psu i have found is

graphics card

i have 160gb hard drive with sata + cd rw/dvd rw


Oct 14, 2011
not that graphics card

what a rip off !!,2598-6.html

I got a 4850 for 35 pounds on ebay ,

you are willing to pay 120 pounds for an inferior card ??

the 5670 isn't worth that price

this is quite a good motherboard

comes with a pre attached heatsink on the cpu, and is already assembled, so you just need to put it in the PC and away you go