Best monitor for 3d /2d with NVIDIA GT520


Oct 14, 2011
I just bought an Acer Aspire X3990 - i5-2300 2.8 GHz ( 8GB DDR3 RAM) with the NVIDIA GT520 as graphics card, and I am wondering which might be the best options for a MONITOR with 3d/2D.
I saw the Samsung Syncmaster S23A750D and the Asus VG236H, which one would you use with my congiguration.
Other suggestions of monitors for my pc configuration would be deeply appreciated.
Thanks a lot!
i'm not sure about the samsung one but if you want to play in 3d using nvidia cards you're going to need monitor that are certified for nvidia 3d vision. btw i dont think your GTS250 is strong enough to handle games in stereoscopic 3D.
I suggest an upgrade to the gtx 570, personally. I can vouch for Acer's 27" 3D monitor. The brightness can really be cranked up to compensate for any darkening experienced when using the 3D glasses. nVidia's just done a refresh so you would probably want to see Asus' new 27" display as well. For a smaller size, and smaller price, Asus' 23" displays are well spoken of.

Edit: In addition to the 3D, using a 120hz refresh rate in day-to-day windows stuff is really nice.