Best Motherboard, CPU, Ram Combo for $450


Sep 24, 2016
Looking to upgrade from my old FX - 9370, need help with what to choose I have $450 budget for a Motherboard, CPU, Ram thanks in advance, (Looking for Ryzen but Team Blue is good too)
If your main use is batch apps that can make use of many threads, then ryzen as described above is very good.

If your main use is for gaming, then fast single thread performance is more important.

Look for i3-8350K with 4 threads or i5-8600K with 6. each can oc close to 5.0.
You will need a Z370 motherboard, and ddr4 ram.

To see how many threads are useful to you for YOUR games do this experiment:
remove one or more cores/threads. You can do this in the windows msconfig boot advanced options option.
You will need to reboot for the change to take effect. Set the number of threads to less than you have.
This will tell you how sensitive your games are to the benefits of many threads.
If you see little difference, your game does not need all the threads you have.

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