Best motherboard for c2d? ASUS, EVGA, Abit?


Nov 29, 2006
Hi all,
I am stuck on choosing a motherboard, I have seen a few I liked. I like the 680i EVGA but I have lloked on EVGA's website and have seen lots of complains concerning quality and also fried memory.

I also like the Abit AW9D-Max, looks like some nice features and have not heard anything "bad"

And from ASUS I like the ASUS P5N-E SLI Socket T, its priced nice and looks to have some nice features. I am also intrested in the ASUS Commando...that should be out soon? ASUS P5B Deluxe any good?

I do not see going SLI or Crossifire soon but it would be nice to have a board that has the feature just incase. I am going to purchase an E6600 so a motherboard that has nice overclocking features would be nice.

So what are you guys thinking? I would go EVGA if it were not for the quality issues.



Apr 7, 2004
I brought the EVGA unit (lifetime warranty) and though I had a faulty PCI Express slot the support and help I got was fantastic - Replaced and now going wonderfully. I recommend it.

I had a Asus P5N32SLI prior and think Asus boards are very good.

Be careful if you want to use both PCI slots and SLI mode as you may need a PCI riser card to fit the second pci card - card depended (I have a HD TV and Audio card).

On the RAM side it's not so much EVGA as RAM working with Core2Duo. There have been some issues with Core2Duo and DDR2 Dual channeling RAM working together. I'm using GEIL Ultra and I've heard that MUSKIN works well too.


Dec 17, 2003
just to make things harder there are a few new boards coming (like the Commando from Asus that you mentioned).
e.g. abit have their 680i board the IN9 32X due in retail next week afaik & then they have the AB9 QuadGT coming which is a new 965 chipset board with some nice touches.

with a 6600 a 975X board makes a lot of sense though.