best motherboard for pc 8000


Dec 2, 2006
at first time,sorry for my english, i speak english only a little

I was tlaking with all of you yesterday about this motherboard anda this ddr2, but i dont find my answers now,today!!

PLease,please,help me!
the history is that one friend have on the way from USA one kingston hiperx dual channel pc 8000 ddr2 ( 1000mhz ),one gforce 880gtx, and one intel quad core.( dont changes for anything ), and i could be able to put all of this working, worst problem is the motherboard.

I dont know what motherboard can i bought.
I have a look with GigaByte 965P-DQ6 (suports 800 mhz aximum officially ,and i hav ddr2 pc 8000, 1000mhz), and i like it very much, but...i think tihs:

Memory fastest than motherboard supports------>dont wrok anything.
Memory slower than motherboard supports------>ok.
is this true???

with this motherboard and this ddr2 the sistem wiil be ok only modifying my bios??or may be the sistem dont works anything and it could be better buy another motherboard??
wich motherboardcould you tell me is the best for me??( money is not a problen for my friend,we are very afraid)

Many many thanks for all.


Dec 24, 2005
It will work fine.

1000MHz memory will run happily at 667MHz or whatever.

As soon as you overclock, you will be able to run at 1000MHz or faster.

1000MHz isnt "officially supported" as you cant run it with a 533FSB cpu due to the lack of correct multipliers. You more than likely can run at 1000MHz on a 1066FSB Conroe even at stock.

No Intel chipset "officially" supports RAM over 800MHz. All of them run fine at 1000MHz+

The FSB is the only problematic bit ;)


DDR-800 Ram is the norm today. All new CPUs, Motherboards, etc... are designed for DDR-800.

Your DDR1000 RAM will run at anything between 0-1000 without being overclocked or potentially damaged. That means using your RAM at 800 is perfectly safe and will run fine. You also have the option of overclocking to 1000 without any concerns or damage to the RAM. Over 1000 will be purely experimental and may or may not work.

The overclocking to 1000 only concerns your RAM. You motherboard and CPU also have to support the extra overclock and you should have adequate cooling as well. But if you only plan to run at DDR800 any motherboard will work and you would be better off buying DDR-800 RAM and save some money.

If you want my recommendation get an Abit motherboard. Best on the market in my opinion for several reasons; including:

1) uGuru rocks
2) best warranty on the market, electronic eRMA through their website
3) their website is always available for downloading drivers, etc... Unlike Asus!!!
4) excellent overclocking potential if desired
5) Abit always releases updated drivers/bios to fix problems, support newer hardware or operating systems. ANd they release them fast without hesitation.
6) Bulletproof boards, i've never seen boards as reliable as an Abit.
7) I've had bad experiences with other brands including Gigabyte, Chaintech, Asus, MSI, DFI, SOYO, Epox, Shuttle, etc... After 20 years of building, selling, working in the IT industry my conclusion is that I prefer Abit boards over all other brands.

Its not to say there are no other boards that are good on the market, but just that I am a die hard fan of Abit and their boards are definitely worth a look at.