Best Motherboard to Overclock PII 940 BE


Jan 13, 2009
So I've been doing lots of planning for my PC which I'm planning on buying in May. I've got most of the parts already but I'm waiting to buy the CPU Mobo and GPU until May for obvious reasons.

Anyways, based on my estimates of what prices are going to be like in 5 months I've been focusing on the PII 940BE or a Q8400, currently leaning more towards the PII.

So with the PII in mind, I also plan to go all the way and overclock it a bit. I currently have this cooler picked out. Can I get a second for that or possible recommendations for a better one?

Now for the main question. I've been looking between these two motherboards:
ASUS M3A78-EM - 780G

ASUS M3A78-T - 790GX

I do NOT plan on doing crossfire. I also do not plan on upgrading this computer for a very long time (as in, i will buy an all new computer)
I plan on getting a blueray drive

It seems to me that the 780G has everything I need. Would it overclock fine? Is there some huge difference between the 780 and 790?

Based on current prices and my predictions I'm probably going to be getting an HD 4870 1GB.

As a final question, would there be any bottlenecks between CPU and GPU?