Question Best MSI Socket T motherboard?


Aug 10, 2012
Hello there!

I have an old PC that I use for work, unconnected to the internet. It has some old ports that I require that new motherboards don't seem to come with. Unfortunately, it's finally starting to show some issues and I think it may die on me soon.

I have a Core 2 Duo Processor that I'd like to use when building it's replacement. This is socket LGA 775, AKA Socket T. Also, I like MSI. I find them reliable.

So my question is, what is the best MSI motherboard that accepts Socket T? Also, are there any transition boards that accept both Socket T and newer CPU sockets (specifically Socket H?)

You'd think this would be easy information to find, but I cannot for the life of me get anywhere with this!

I appreciate your help,
Thank you
hi, there are no transition boards between different CPU sockets, socket change means also cpu change (sometimes ram aswell if it changes)

what type of your ram u have? ddr2 or ddr3?
core 2 duo can run either of those,
if ure on ddr2 then msi x48c platinum
if u got ddr3 than msi x48 platinum
but do you really need best mainboard for core 2 duo? o_O they are ment for core 2 extreme (130watt cpu), but sure u can run low power cpu there aswell

as far as old ports goes...they can be covered with usb adapters if needed
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