Best New Hardware platform for Win98se ?


Jul 19, 2004
I am forced to use Win98se or below because of custom DOS CAD software(GWIS) that uses 4 bit(16 colours) VESA graphics.
WinXP can only run the software in 640x480 VGA mode. Todays Graphics cards can do the 4 bit modes, but XP does not allow it, for some weird reason. (Maybe a deliberate attempt from M$ to make all non-windoze software obsolete)

I currently use nForce-2 MB's and would like to upgrade my hardware to the latest and greatest, but apparantly I can't.

I have read somewhere that the new nForce3 & 4 MB's will not run Win98se. Is this true ?

Are there any fast new Intel platforms out there that will still run Win98se ?

Or, does anyone know how to fix the 4 bit graphics problem on WinXP ?

Any comments are welcome
With each new version of Windows, it's going to get harder and harder to find hardware that will be compatible with older versions. If you're lucky, it will still support 98SE, but in a lot of cases, I see a move to supporting XP / 2000 only.

Isn't there a newer version of that software available that will run on Windows?