Question Best Next Steps for Recovering SSD

Feb 25, 2020
So I have a HikVision 512 GB SSD. It is about 6-7 months old and was bought new. Model no: HS-SSD-E100 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s.
What Happened?

I was working when Windows 10 suddenly gave blue screen. Then It stopped there long enough that I restarted by push button. After restart it would not boot. I restarted twice then took SSD to other system that gave

1720-SMART Error ... Attribute #00

Here is the problem though I think problem occurred due to my System which can not boot using any drive now I thought it could be Power Surge or Firm Ware issue. My other HDD attached was OK though

What else I did to make it worse?

So to at least copy my data to new drive, I took a live Windows 10 USB and booted with both drive and USB. At first it would not let me go to boot menu but then It did let me choose and First I tried to trouble shoot, with no success I went to command menu to see if device at least exist or can do something from there.

I tried

bootrec/fixmbr --success
bootrec/rebuildscan-- was unable to find any installations


list volume -- did not show any volume
list disk -- showed my disk as DISK0 but drive size was 0.

I was unable to get data this way so I tried to attach it externally but off the shelf recovery software were unable to find it. When I connected it to system blue light does show up.
I do not keep data especially on the drive that host OS I keep backups etc externally.

Unfortunately, I did not notice that I had a Drive on same SSD which I thought was on Data Drive and was copied externally too, it wasn't. I am a little worried for data but do not want to take further steps without proper knowledge. So:
Is my hard like dead dead? or just some method can be used to recover data at least.