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Question Best parts for a 900$ish setup?

Jun 12, 2020
will be building a PC this summer, probably next month, I need everything basically, a monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset and the computer itself, I'm looking to do some gaming, not very intense (Cs, dbd, r6) but if i ever would want to play some newer tiles it would be nice to have the option, I'm looking for something that's around 900$ or close to 4000 RON (Romanian currency), I been looking for parts online and i have a basic idea of what i want to buy but I want to hear your suggestions, also I'm a bit afraid of AMD cpus since they have the pins on the cpu itself and I saw a video of Linus having to resolder the pins of a cpu.
Also i should mention that I have never built a computer before since I've only used laptops most of my life, but I'll get a friend of mine to help with the assembly.
Thx guys, hope someone replys to this :))