Best path for quad monitor setup?


Sep 3, 2009
Hi guys,

I'm planning a quad monitor setup for FSX and I need some advice. I understand the Core i7-820 P55 motherboards are best for single card setups and the i7-920 and X58 boards will better suit multiple video cards.

Some stupid questions:

- To use Crosfire or SLI you just plug in a second compatible card on your crossfire mobo and its done?
- Can I have 4 monitors on one video card with some sort of adapter?

Do you think dual cards (going to wait for the ATI 5850 or 5870) will be that much superior for running four monitors? I simply don't know weather to build a i7-920 X58 system with two cards in in crossfire or a i7-860 P55 system with a single card (or maybe a crossfire P55?). Does RAM come into play here?

You have a couple of options for 4 monitors, a p55 board with 2 cards in 8x/8x mode but not in crossfire otherwise they behave as a single card, an x58 board with 2 cards in 16x/16x mode again not in crossfire, or a single 5870 running all 4 monitors. A 5850 will only support up to 3.


the 5870 Six will have 6 mini display ports (and bunch of adapter cables), the normal version of the 5870 only supports 3 monitors with 2 DVIs, 1 displayport and 1 hdmi. (yeah 4 outs but only 3 monitors)

edit: rumours as of now, but we'll see in a couple of days when the NDA lifts