Question Best performance hardware spec - Simulation software

Apr 25, 2019

We are having a high level .Net simulation software package that simulates a virtual chemical plant system. Our application is so huge that it performs about a lot of calculations (about 100,000 calculations) every second.

Given this huge amount of calculation operations, it takes about 300 ms to complete all these calculations in one second time span. This is a huge amount of time for our software applications. We have taken care of all bottle neck performance issues and improved about all performance areas and we have reached towards the end of the wall to handle this on the software side programmatically.

I am currently researching on the highest performance we can achieve by picking the right hardware configuration for a new laptop. I have researched quiet a bit on what the key areas are, such as CPU, HDD, SSD, RAM and Refresh Rate. The general HD graphics will be sufficient for our software so i am not looking for any information on Graphic cards basically.

What will be the ideal hardware spec (CPU, HDD, SSD and RAM wise) for a laptop, if we want to achieve the highest performance and thereby reduce the amount of time it takes to complete our calculations?

Any input is highly appreciated... thanks!!
Apr 25, 2019
thank you for your kind response... we are not using all of the RAM or CPU core. We access the disk once in a while when the user operation happens, no constant accessing. The current machine is dual core

following is a snapshot from the machine, if you can look at it and comment please

how do i insert and image?
Apr 25, 2019
ok, thanks for your reply.

So if we are talking about a .net application that runs on a single thread (all calculations has to be done in sequential order) and takes about X ms to complete all of its operations, what do you think will be the key hardware improvements that can be done to reduce the X ms execution time per cycle?
If it's serial calcs then single core performance. Best option is the fastest core speed on a modern Intel, they currently hold the single core advantage. Number of cores is not so important.

I don't know what cpu you do have, so can't give any opinion as to how much faster it is.


Dec 11, 2013
You can do better than that for sure.

The fastest processors for single thread applications are:
i7-8700kf (requires GPU)
They all have similar single thread performance and are all somewhere around $400.

A 'best buy' is probably the i5-9600k, almost as fast and under $300.

You can anticipate maybe a 50% performance increase in a good build. To get faster you will have to revise your algorithm to support multiple threads, then you can get MUCH more performance.