Best place to buy cpu motherboard combo with best return policy


May 4, 2012
I'm going to build my first pc soon and I want to know where I should buy that has the longest return policy for cpu's and motherboards.
every website will have a basic return policy and do offer a longer period for it but they offer it for an additional price. only offers an extended 1 year warranty but the price of the warranty depends on the product. i seen a mobo on there that will give you a 1 year extension for 5.99 and yet a GPU on there an extended warranty will go for an additional 24.99. these are just examples. different brands of the same components may have different prices
Assuming you live in the USA, Newegg is the best bet.

There is no return policy for cpu's/motherboards unless it's still sealed in the box, or defective, and then you can only exchange it for the same item within 30days.

After that you get 3yrs warranty from Intel and the mobo manufacturer.

You also get 3yrs with the mobo.