Question Best precision input on wireless controllers

Mar 11, 2020
I hope I am not in wrong category, I am discuss hardware peripherals for gaming enthusiast.

I am looking for a wireless controller with high precision for hybird games like gta with shooter and driving elements on it.

I am looking a device that had precise triggers button and thumbsticks. I've seen steam controller using touchpad but people review this controller so variety, some ppl don't like because it's weird. I think it's fit to me because I am looking of alternative mouse for shooter game. Otherwive, is there any good controller for shooting? I wish the price is cheaper than steam controller.

Currently I am using dualshock 3 to PC with scp toolkit as a driver. As you know dualshock 3 had sixaxis as gyro input but that unused in pc. I hope I can use sixaxis on pc and I will use it for alternative aming control, this is alternative if it possible I am no need to buy new controller.