Best Price/performance 1920x1200 24" LCD

So i am selling my old Dell 1680x1050 22" LCD to my sister. I am looking to replace this with a nice 1920x1200 LCD monitor that will improve my gaming experience. The Dell was ok, but it lacked the glow some of these newer displays have. My buddy has a 25.5" Asus that looks nice, but I'd like to do the research. He suggested the Acer G24, however at $360, is it REALLY worth the price? What are your suggestions?

BTW, I am running an OCed 4870 1GB card. (check my specs for the rest)
Im starting to look around at 1920 x 1080 screens . The cost is usually lower than 1920 x 1200 .
Id definitely need a gfx card update with the larger screen but I might be able to get by for another 6-7 months with this gfx card if I get the lower resolution panel .

Anandtech published
which might help you make a selection .
They seem to think there isnt a huge variation in image quality between tn panels , only the features and connectors vary

A good article, and I think some good advice.
Spend the money for a great monitor; it is one of the few "future-proof" pc purchases you can make today.


Feb 4, 2009
I did a good deal of research into LCD technology, and ended up purchasing an HP2475w.

Though the price might seem high to the undiscriminating consumer, you must understand that comparable monitors with H-IPS panels usually run for twice the asking price. Therefore, I think it fits the bill as the best 24" monitor in terms of price/performance. If it's out of your price range, LCDs from the likes of BenQ and ViewSonic offer very affordable, and adequate monitors. I would recommend you consider prioritizing a quality monitor in your budget, even at the expense of some internal components, as a screen is your primary interface with computer technology.

I was a little weary of making the purchase, having read of myriad problems others have had with the device. I can tell you that my own experience has been wonderful. The color is at times breathtaking, making other panels based on the ubiquitous TN technology appear "washed-out" and dull in comparison. The response time is more than adequate, and much superior to PVA technology found in models like the Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP. Finally, it sports pretty much every kind of input interface one could hope for, and a goodly number of USB ports to boot.

The monitor really needs some basic calibration, however. The best solution is to use a colorimeter, but I am very pleased using the settings and .icc profile from this website:

I trust this site,, for hardware recommendations (especially when it comes to monitors and cases):

I hope this helps!