Best Printer Recommendation for Refilling Ink Cartridges

Aug 7, 2018
I had a printer and I hated it. And then it ran out of ink so I bought some on eBay and refilled the cartridges. It worked GREAT for a few weeks until one day HP wanted to do an "update", so I let it happen and then suddenly my ink cartridges were no longer working.

Did some research and found out that HP is deliberately updating it's software in order to prevent Users from refilling their cartridges. Think I remember they are actually updating the firmware of the printer itself, so that you can't "roll back" the software "update". (Not sure about this. I did all this research over a year ago.)

Now I need a working printer. I want to buy one that will not try to prevent me from refilling the cartridges if I want. Even better is if the printer is MADE for refillable cartridges, if this is not too much to hope for.

I just need basic printing. Black and white only would be "good enough". Color is not necessarily a "plus", in fact it's an expense I'd rather not have to pay for. I just want a cheap, reliable, black & white printer that is "refill cartridge friendly".

Any help?
Howdy. Spent a lot of time selling this stuff, and if you only need b/w, you want a good Brother laser printer.

Ink is only for the colour and images people, because refilling modern printers is just fraught with problems, and those new tank models everyone is making are pretty garbo.

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