Best real time file sync program for storage devices?


Jul 30, 2007
Ok I could really use some help here. I work for a company with a large network, roughly 200 users and 3.5 TB of information stored across two IBM storage devices. I'd say about 2 TB's of that initial 3.5TB's needs replicated to another separate storage device. I'm trying to find the best software out there that will run on the server level and sync the files between separate storage devices in real time. That is to say, when a user modifies a file on the primary storage device, that file is replicated to the secondary storage device. The users will not have access to the secondary storage device. I've found some programs that will do this, like GoodSync, but as I've never heard of the program until I googled it, I do not know if it's reliable.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.



Compared to all the up and coming storage and file syncs software such as sugar sync, sky drive, drop box, they don't reach at an enterprise level and do not go past 100 GB. I've checked out GoodSync, it is the only one I've seen that does enterprise level storage and syncing. The only other one that is capable of storing more 3.5 TB of space is Google Drive you should check that out as well.


Dec 15, 2014
Hi Mike, I know I'm a few years late for this one but I was wondering what program you ended up using to sync your company's data. There is a provider called Thru that has an EFSS (enterprise file sync and share) solution that may solve this issue, especially since you are looking for a solution for about 200 users. It's a secure cloud platform where all of your users could access this large amount of data from any location and sync it to multiple devices.