Best Reliable LGA1155 mobo?


Nov 5, 2011
Ok, after my debacle of trying to get ASUS to RMA my second P8P67 PRO motherboard, Im going shopping again. :fou:

But, before I plop down another $150+ dollars for another mobo, I would like to hear from people who build lots of gaming rigs on what they found has been the most consistent Quality/Reliable board available. Frankly, I give up on trying to have the best there is and just prefer to settle on a modest board. Not running SLI or anything. 1 ATI vid card. I like to have a better chance of getting a good one from the start.

Thank you in advance.


Dec 10, 2011
Well there are about over 75 different LGA1155 boards. Which chip set are you looking at?
Here is a brief explanation of the different LGA1155 boards:

H61 - low price, single gpu, little amount of expansion slots, okay build quality
H67 - Costs in about 100$s area, supports intel HD3000 (2500K,2600K and 2700K) and HD2000 (non-K) onboard memory and more PCI(e) expansion slots.
P67 - (I would buy this if you want to overclock your K-series CPU). Supports Overclocking, dual and triple GPU with select boards that have a NF200 chip (SLi, CFX), loads of USB 3.0/2.0 costs from 200-300 for a good build p67 board.
Z68 - Supports on board GPU, supports SSD Caching (smart response techology) supports Dual GU config (and some boards can even support 3 way), supports overclocking, and is the most expensive chipset.