Best Route for my New Build?


Mar 8, 2013
I am doing a new build for my server. The machine will always be on running Plex Media Server for my clients on my network. However at the same time I am going to use this machine for my basic everyday use and transferring data from customer's hard drives and such as I do also do computer repair and services. I bought a CoolerMaster XB Evo case because I love the way it's laid out and because it's a LAN box/Test bench design.

I have always stayed with AMD mostly because of price - however my ultimate goal is high performance for transcoding 5 to 7 1080p streams simultaneously as well as maybe a few 4K streams.

My budget is $200-$300 for a motherboard and processor. I came to this forum site for advice and different build component suggestions from a vast array of people. What are the best options for a board and CPU combo?

My motherboard requirements are:
At least 6-8 SATA 3 ports (or more)
One USB 3.0 header
Would prefer a full size ATX form factor
Would like integrated graphics but it's not a deal breaker because I have video cards laying around.
4 DIMM slots at least (that's standard anyways, right? Lol) it doesn't matter whether DDR 3 or 4.

As far as CPUs go I was really eyeing a FX-8350 on the AMD side of things - and the i5-6600k on the Intel side... Although it's a bit expensive utilizing $240 of my $300 or so budget - but again, that's why I have come here! Let me know! Please and thank you guys very much in advance!



''As far as CPUs go I was really eyeing a FX-8350 on the AMD side of things''

this cpu is far to be power efficient and develope a lot of heat ...above all is not a good performer at all
running this cpu 24hrs/24hrs will overheat your components and a lot of freezing issues is coming
good luck