Best SILENT CAse to get


Apr 6, 2012
Hey guys im gonna be builing a new rig with some money im saving up this summer bussing tables.Im switching from amd to intel and ill be getting the core i7 2600k.ATM my case is the HAF 922 a great case but still a bit loud for my liking. What would be some damn quiet cases i could you that wouldnt overheat my (future) system


Dec 1, 2007
I have an old Antec P182 (are surely newer better choices now for a Quiet case)

Although this one has various sound proofing tech built into it, to get to the point where I could not hear the fans, I still had to run my 2,000rpm Sharkoon Silent Eagle fans at slow - med speed using a fan controller + inline resistors to sit quiet at approx 860 - 1400

- Get a fan controller that is capable of Really slowing the fan / stopping it perhaps

I would not recommend the fans I bought to someone after a really quiet system
- although I appreciate the "golf ball" dimples principle of reducing drag etc and they Do give great airflow for Measured noise... to my ear, they create a slightly annoying noise compared to the soft purr of a well designed fan without the dimples

I imagine since I built my system 2 years back there are some interesting new fan choices out there

Well, Good luck with your build choices