Best SLI setup for a multiple display system.


Aug 28, 2009
i am doing some research for a monster custom computer i want to built and i need some help in the graphic department.
i want to have 2 (twenty something monitors ) to use as my main displays and then i also want to add a Samsung LN40B650 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz and add nvidia 3d to that monitor (i would mostly use this display to play and watch movies ).

i was thinking of maybe 2 or 3 gtx 285, i want to have something that can support the rig im trying to built but also i dont want to completely break the bank (since i am water cooling, every other card would be another 50-100 in heat plates)

--also as a side note would i need anything over 1000 w power source?


Well for saying the GTX285 is around £270.. and 3 of them at around £800 - its pretty steap. There is no such thing as building a "monster custom computer" without breaking the bank. If you're looking at water cooling, you might end up spending £1000 just on the graphics at this rate..

The GTX200 series have 2 DVI ports and normally either a composite or HDMI output also.. so running two monitors and a TV shouldn't be a problem with them cards (I'm not 100% if you can have all three ports on these cards in use at the same time.. can someone confirm this for me?).

Just remember you can't have SLI and use both cards (or all three cards for tri-sli) for the output.. only the top card's (prime card's) outputs will work.

Honestly, although it's very temping.. 3 way SLI with any of the GTX200 series is pretty wasteful. There are only a few games out which will make use of that kinda' graphic power and even then wont have them working 100%.

I'm looking at 2-way SLI with GTX260's myself.. easily enough power for my two 22" monitors and the latest games.. and when the time comes.. I'll upgrade my motherboard and get a third. The GTX260's go for around £100-150.. so a big drop in price from the 280, 285 etc. I also have contacts with distributors so I'm able to grab a few at £70 a pop :].

With either water cooling or top air cooling (such as the Accelero Xtreme cooler) you could overclock the 260's to the same level as the 275 is at stock.. I've seen the benchmarks.. you can find via google ;).

Just food for thought.

Don't go all out and spend all your money on the highest market cards when you can save no end buying lesser cards but overclock the dog's whatsits of it ;).


No, you probably wont need more than 1000W for that set up unless you're going to be running like 6 HHDs and no end of other components etc.