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Nov 4, 2016
Hello there,

I want to buy upgrade to a new smartphone and, there is a feature that I really want but not sure if it even exists or not.

I want a smartphone that I can connect my MDR 1000X with because it won't use the full potential of the headphones unless I use blutooth to connect with it. I want something that could show difference if possible.

My current phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

I know about the Lg V30 and how good is it with music but it's only the aux so bluetooth won't make a difference unless I am mistaken, so any advice is appreciated :)

Also if you know a way to use noise cancelling without bluetooth I will really appreciate it if you tell me how.

Sorry the long post. And thanks.



I think Sony use a higher bandwidth proprietary BT protocol on those. Only phones with the compatible hardware can take advantage of it. You'll have to check what that is and which phones have it.

On a side note, 'bluetooth' and 'audiophile' definitely do not belong together. Nor do those headphones. They are great, but definitely not audiophile grade. As such, I wouldn't worry about the connection protocol. Doubt you'd notice the difference.


As an LG V30 owner and user, the only way to get the most from what it has to offer is through the 3.5mm analog jack. On top of that, you really need a high impedance set of headphones or an impedance adapter to raise whatever you're using above the threshold so the enhanced power factor kicks in.
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