Question Best solution for my WiFi problem?

Dec 19, 2019
So my ISP provided me with a bad router that has bad signal. The router sits in the living room, and that's pretty much the only place the WiFi signal is strong enough. When I go to the other rooms, which aren't too far, the signal drops to zero, i.e no internet. Maybe the thick walls are to blame too.
I was thinking about a few solutions and I'd like you to tell me which one do you think is the best:

1) Buy a set of repeaters and spread them across the house - put a repeater in the middle way between the router and the rooms, and more repeaters inside the room - But I have no idea if repeaters actually work.. and the fact that the walls are thick - will it even work?

2) Buy a powerline kit with WiFi like this one: Powerline 600 Wi-Fi 3-pack Kit - Looks like a decent solution

3) Since the kit above may be hard to get in my country, I was thinking about getting a regular set of powerline adapters, and to each powerline (in each separate room) connect an AP or a router that will act as an AP - The problem here is that each room is going to have his own different WiFi network, which is annoying because whenever I switch between rooms I have to log into a different WiFi network to get the best signal. But, maybe you know of a smart AP/router that can actually turn this WiFi network into a seamless single network that would switch automatically between the networks whenever I am going near the closest AP/router? Something like the kit above, just using AP/router instead of a ready kit (Because the kit above may not be available to me)

So with thick walls, your wifi won't be great, that's a given.

I think you're on the right track with regular powerline adapters, but also look into moca adapters which can get you full gigabit bandwidth.

As far as seamless wireless, once you have the powerlines (or whatever else) in place to create a wired backbone, you add a ubiquiti system or one of those consumer 'mesh' systems on top of it. Personally, I'd go with ubiquiti even though it may be more expense and initially require more setup--the results will blow away the consumer mesh stuff that is almost as expensive.