Question Best Sounding Headphones - Closed. For abot 100$ ?

Mar 3, 2018
Hi, im alex! Im looking for recommendations for headphones under 100$ . The only requirement i have is good sound quality, they can be made out of balsa wood and held together with sticks for all i care :D .

So, What are the best sounding headphones for about 100$ ? Im gonna use them for mostly music, i listen to alot of EDM, Genres like House, Electronic House, Funky House, Techno and so on and so forth. They can be wired or wireless i dont care, just have to have the be the best sounding.

They dont need to be with sound cancelling capabilities, just best sounding. Again i dont care about anything else except sound.

Im Current using SHB 3060, so will this be a big upgrade or what?