Best SSD for around $55


Jul 18, 2016

I am planing to buy a SSD for around $55 with at least 240GB capacity, the one I have in mind is:

ADATA Premier SP550 240GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Superior Read & Write up to560MB/s & 510MB/s Solid State Drive (ASP550SS3-240GM-C)

Any suggestion?
I was eyeballinig them zotac ssd's that 240 perineum was just listed foir 65 bucks and I missed out

I look at the power fail protection [???] hard to find ssd that state they got it ?

like there 120 notice it don't show that feature like in the specs and overview as the 240 does ??

zotac shows it does have it [120gb for 44 bucks ]

The Zotac SSDs aren't great, I try to stick to Samsung or TSMC drives.


Mar 23, 2005

I can vouch for that.
I just booted up this SSD for the first time today and the index is a solid 7.9
I had read mixed reviews, but I don't have one complaint right now.
Bought it for $54 at the end of May

The Zotac SSDs aren't great, I try to stick to Samsung or TSMC drives''''

really? they review just fine and nothing wirong whit there build quality ??

'' Toshiba 19nm MLC NAND chips. This is the second SSD I am testing which uses a Phison PS3110-S10-X eight-channel SSD controller''

'' Zotac Premium Edition 240GB solid-state drive. For such people, this would be one of the drives they’ll shortlist.'''

That last part is huge. Zotac's Premium Edition is the first drive that slides in under the 850 EVO by enough of a margin to earn our recommendation.,4397-5.html

''The Zotac Premium SSD is one of the few drives that can compete with the 850 EVO. Not so much from the standpoint of all-around performance, but definitely from a pricing perspective. As of late we've seen a lot of drives that are vastly inferior to the 850 EVO priced the same or even higher than the EVO. This is not the case with Zotac's Premium SSD. Zotac's drive is priced lower than the 850 EVO and at the same time, isn't too far behind in overall performance

Read more:

slides just under the samsungs ?? most reviews for the zotac say that as well ? so that's no good ??? at a lower price

seems to fit the OP's bill on what he asked about to me ? a good drive at cheap when on sale or the 120 for 44 bucks ??

Strange, I used the T500 Zotac SSD which shouldn't be much different to the premium edition and I noticed very quickly that the speeds on transfers were spiking quite significantly, even stopping occasionally for around 5 secs while my 850 Evo worked perfectly fine. I was transferring 200GB of files from an old HDD, and tested in single drive configurations before getting the same results.

I returned the drive for another, assuming it was simply a faulty model. Sure enough however, the second drive suffered from the same issue. Ended up just getting a cash refund.
Unless I either got extremely unlucky or the premium edition has better quality components which solve this problem.
Now that you've posted those reviews I urge OP not to listen to my opinions on the Zotac SSDs, as it now appears that I am somewhat misguided in my views of this device! :eek:
Guess i'll have to pick up another one soon and give it a spin! :)
I'd like to note that the build quality was perfectly fine and there was nothing wrong on that front, just the performance in my case.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention junkeymonkey, i'll take it into consideration and test another one of their drives before finalizing an opinion on them. :)
Worst case if this thread is still going in 2 days i'll let you know, but hopefully it gets resolved by then! :D

Another good few SSDs are the Sandisk Extreme Pro or the HyperX Savage if you can find them for a good price, but I haven't seen the savage going for a good price in a while, mostly hovering around the same area as the 850 Evo with very similar performance.
thing about then drives they don't offer the power fail feature and removed as a cost cutting thing that's still offered on zotac

I'd prefer a drive that has a good powerloss data protection

one thing I see looking a ssd is you got to look hard between the lines like the powerloss thng being removed

that's one thing I do like with the S10 controller used it does offer some protection through the controller itself ?

Phison's PS3110 also has two more features called SmartFlush and GuranteedFlush. Much like OCZ's Power Failure Management Plus (PFM+), Phison's SmartFlush minimizes the time that data stays in the ram buffer and is constantly flushing the data to minimize In-Flight data loss from a unexpected loss of power. This is not the same as true Enterprise grade Data Loss Protection but is still nevertheless a nice addition.

anyway good luck thing is I live in the 3ed world part of the U.S and power loos due to shoddy power lines / grid or lots of lighting storms that important to me to have just wish I knew how well it really works to guard the drive , but I guesss something there is better then nothing

sandisk may be a good choice it on my short list as well

maybe like a graphics card and a lot of luck of the draw comes in to play with any drive ??

page 2 - Introducing the Phison PS 3110 Controller


''SanDisk does not employ any power loss protection circuitry (i.e. capacitors) in client drives, but instead the SLC cache is used to flush the mapping table from the DRAM more often''

you got to dig around to see what really offered pre drive ? I do understand why you would want the better solution in this its something I also look for