Best SSD for me to get


Nov 24, 2011
I'm building a new pc and ordered the "Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 120GB"
Now they called and told me this one was not available within the next few weeks.. So i need to repick my SSD..
But what one would be best, i am able to spend 150 ~ 250 for SSD's.. Maybe RAID0 or something?? Or what other drive would be fastest?
Real Life, day-to-day usage you will not see much difference between the top end SATA III drives. Yes there may be a Noticable difference in Benchmarks, espeacially if you look at Sequencial performance using a Benchmark that uses data that is readily compressable - BUT this is the least important parameter, and do to using data tha that is readily compressable makes VERY little impact on a SSD used as a OS + program drive.

Instead look at "user satisfaction" numbers ie at Newegg.
mushkin enhanced chronos - 16%, 1/2 egg and 80% 4/5 egg
Samsung - 4% 1/2 egg and 94 % 4/5 egg
Curcial M4 - 5% 1/2 egg and 90% 4/5 egg
And You will NOT see a performance difference between the 3 in real life.

Samsung 830

Curcial M4 -

From one post "with a wei of 7.9", Yes and so do almost all SATA III SSDs.

As for Bemnchmarks, look at:
First choice, PCMark Vantage (A) overall score folled by (B) specific applications you use.
2Nd Choice is AS SSD, at least it uses compressed data for test. Closer to real life.